The Patagonian Seafood Company S.A. is a company located in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina dedicated to catching and processing Antarctic King Crab (lithodes antarcticus) and Antarctic Snow Crab (paralomis granulosa). We are the southernmost fish company in the world, and through our own fleet and specialized fishing gear, we can assure a sustainable catch in the virgin and pollution-free sub-Antarctic waters. The highest valued crabs of the South Atlantic due to their quality and texture are caught in these waters. In addition to possessing fishing permits across various capture zones, which together allow for an uninterrupted year-round catch, The Patagonian Seafood Company is the only artisan fishing company dedicated to the catching and processing of these products in these waters. All of our products are of very high quality and possess all necessary export certificates and documents.

Our processing optimizes the quality of the final product and consists of precooking the crabs prior to processing and a final freezing in a tunnel at -40ºC until the product obtains a temperature of -18ºC.

Packaged directly in packaging of 250 g and 500 g, our products are ready to be sold to the final consumer. In addition, we process other King Crab and Snow Crab products according to client demand, and we can be your sole provider of all your King Crab and Snow Crab needs.

Fish from the South Atlantic

In addition to crab, The Patagonian Seafood Company S.A. also maintains operations dedicated to other species of fish in the port of Quequén, Province of Buenos Aires. In this zone, our catch includes species typical of the area including Atlantic salmon (pseudopercis semifasciata), black drum (pogonias cromis), white mouth croaker (micropogonias furnieri), pink cusk-eel (genypterus blacodes), Patagonian flounder (paralichthys patagonicus), narrownose smooth hound (mustelus schmitti), southern hake (merluccius australis), Argentine hake (merluccius hubbsi), silverside (sorgentinia incisa), Argentine seabass (acanthistius brasiliensis), elephant fish (callorhynchus callorhynchus), squid (loligo vulgaris), and porgy (pagrus pagrus). These species can be exported both fresh and frozen.




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The Patagonian Seafood Company

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